Pricing's pricing to send and receive payments in their platform.

Accountingprose charges back only the exact amounts billed to the client by This charge is billed to the client's card or bank account on file on the 5th of every month. If the 5th lands on a weekend or holiday then the fees are charged the following business day.
Description  Price
Cost per client account $38.25/month

Each Additional User 


Accountingprose users are free.

Check Mailing $1.69/each
ACH Payments $0.49/each
Send intl FX wire payments Free
Send intl USD wire payments $14.99/each
Void a check $25.00/each
Void a returned check $3.00/each
Receive credit card payments Must submit an application to to get rates
Receive ACH payments $0.49/each

Note: Fees are subject to change as adjusts its pricing scale.