How to add one-time compensation to payroll

Need to add commission, tips, a reimbursement, a bonus, or a one-time deduction to an employee's pay? Please use our Payroll Update Form to make that change.

When adding one-time compensation to an employee, contractor, or officer's payroll, we require the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Person Type: Employee, Contractor, Officer
  • What Type of Compensation: Bonus, Tip, Commission, Other
  • If bonus, is the total provided gross or net?
  • How would you like this paid? 
Your request will be sent to your accounting team and will be processed within 1 business day. Your accountant will reach out with any clarifying questions and will let you know when your request has been processed. 
Timing: We require one-time compensation requests to be submitted 4 business days before the final payroll is processed. 
How to Submit:  Please use the form linked below to submit a one-time comp request. 

Payroll Update Form



Why do we use our Payroll Update Form vs Accepting Changes via Email

You might be wondering why we ask that our clients to fill out this form, when sending an email is just as easy, if not easier. I’m glad you asked!


Using the Payroll Updates Form:

  • Reduces the back and forth, since you are providing complete information upfront. 
  • Provides an audit trail which we can refer back to in the event of an issue. 
  • Captures the submitters IP address, which we can refer to if think something phishy is going on.
  • Gives the sender the ability to include related documents, allowing us to view the requested changes and the related documents in one place.
  • Allows other members of the team to see the request immediately, which is helpful if your accountant is out of the office.