How to add one-time compensation to payroll

Need to add commission, tips, a reimbursement, a bonus, or a one-time deduction to an employee's pay? Please use our Payroll Update Form to make that change.

When adding one-time compensation to an employee, contractor, or officer's payroll, we require the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Person Type: Employee, Contractor, Officer
  • What Type of Compensation: Bonus, Tip, Commission, Other
  • If bonus, is the total provided gross or net?
  • How would you like this paid? 
Your request will be sent to your accounting team and will be processed within 1 business day. Your accountant will reach out with any clarifying questions and will let you know when your request has been processed. 
Timing: We require one-time compensation requests to be submitted 4 business days before the final payroll is processed. 
How to Submit:  Please use the form linked below to submit a one-time comp request.