How to print Gusto paychecks

Not paying your team via direct deposit? Learn how to print checks on site here.

After running payroll, you may print your checks and hand them to your employees.
Accountingprose supports printing checks on standard, QuickBooks-compatible three-part check stock (DLT104).
  • Make sure you have check stock, which can be purchased online.
  • This check stock should have the following details:
      • Your company and bank information already printed on it
      • Has one check per page
      • Check appears at the top third of the page followed by two blank sections (which will be pay stubs).
  • Load your check stock into your printer.
  • Log into your Dropbox Account and navigate to the most recent payroll pdf.
    • File Location: Your Company Name > Year > Month > Payroll
  • Print PDF to check stock that has been loaded into your printer
  • Once your checks are printed, sign and deliver them to your employees.