How to provide access to American Express

Learn how to provide limited access to your American Express account, so we can set up and maintain your bank feed in Xero.


1. Click "Account Services"

Amex Account Services  | Accountingprose



2. Click "Add or Remove Account Managers"

Remove Account Managers  | Accountingprose



3. Click "Add Account Manager"

Add American Express Account Manager | Accountingprose



4. Click "Continue"

Amex Account Manager | Accountingprose



5. Send yourself a code to submit the change

Send Code Amex | Accountingprose



6. Click "Continue"

Amex Account Manager Add | Accountingprose



7. Enter the one-time code and click "Continue"

One Time Code American Express | Accountingprose



8. Select the card you want to provide access to and click "Continue"

Provide Access to Accountant | Accountingprose



9. Enter the First Name (Enzo) and Last Name (Garza)

Add Manager | Accountingprose



10. Enter the "Email Address" ( twice

Add Account Manager Email | Accountingprose



11. Click the "Confirm Email Address" field.

Confirm Email  | Accountingprose



12. Click "Continue"

Add accountant | Accountingprose



13. Click "Continue"

Add Accounting Firm to Amex  | Accountingprose



14. Click "Limited Access"

Give Limited Access Amex | Accountingprose



15. Remove access to any benefit programs

Accounting Firm Amex | Accountingprose



16. Click "Continue"

Manager Amex  | Accountingprose



17. Check "By checking this box..."

American Express Manager Permission | Accountingprose



18. Click "Submit"

Submit Manager Permissions American Express | Accountingprose



19. Click "Done"

Finished - Add Amex Manager | Accountingprose