How to provide access to Bank of America

Learn how to provide access to your Bank of America account, so we can set up and maintain your bank feed in Xero.

Before you can provide our team access to your Bank of America account, you will first need to upgrade your account to include Account Management, if isn't already available in your account. 

How to Add a User to your Online Business Suite

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Small Business tab
  3. Select Account Permissions 
  4. Select Add new user
  5. Enter the new user’s details then select OK

    When sharing view-only access, please use the following information:

  6. On the left-hand side select Account & Services (or, select the Continue to Accounts & Services button)
  7. Select which services the user will have access to.


Managing Users

You may designate the user level either as “user” (also sometimes referred to as sub-user) or “Administrator.”

An Administrator is a user who is able to create additional users and edit and monitor other users. An Administrator is not eligible to enroll in other online business services or grant levels of access to other users that have not been granted to the Administrator.

For each user, you can designate which account(s) the user will have access to. You may also place limits on the types of transactions for each account the user is granted access.

For each account linked to your Online Banking profile, you can designate each user’s access level and account settings.

We only require user access.


User Access Levels

Access Levels (also sometimes referred to as Activity Levels) are either Transactional AccessView Access, or No Access.

Users have Transactional Access unless otherwise specified by you or an Administrator. A user with Transactional Access (also sometimes referred to as financial access or full access) will be allowed to transfer funds, make payments, perform account maintenance, and view account balances and activity on the account, subject to the selected account or general service settings.

View Access (also sometimes referred to as inquiry access or basic access) allows a user to only view account balances and activity, subject to the selected account or general service settings.

You can also provide additional account settings on certain eligible accounts, such as allowing a user to view statements, view check images, or make transfers for the selected accounts. 

We only require view access and statement access.