How to provide access to Melio

Learn how to provide access to your Melio account, so we can set up and maintain your bank feed in Xero.

Melio makes it very easy to add your company to our dashboard. When we begin working with one another, please provide the email address of the person who manages your Melio account, so we send an invite link to connect our accounts. 


All we need to do our our end is click the purple +New Client button on our dashboard. 

settings- new client


Then we'll add the email address that you've provided to us. 

add a new client- name and email address


Melio will check to see if an account already exists, and if it does, will allow us to send you a request to connect. 

invite a melio user


Please follow the instructions that Melio sends via email within 7 days of receiving it. 

the email invitation the client gets