How to provide access to the Delaware Taxpayer Portal

In order for us to administer your sales tax account, we need to be added as Delegated User.

A Delegated User is an authorized user is delegated by the Administrator(s) to have access to a Taxpayer Entity and/or selected tax account(s). This role allows delegated users to perform specific functions such as filing returns, making payments, etc. without having the high-level access that the Administrator has. There is no limit on the number of authorized users available under a Taxpayer Entity, nor the combination of access to the Taxpayer Entity or tax account(s). Each authorized user is delegated access as deemed appropriate by their Administrator(s).


1. Log in to the Portal and Navigate to the Manage Authorized Users page

To begin, navigate to the “Profile” header and select “Manage Authorized Users” from the drop-down menu.

Step 1 - Delaware Taxpayper Portal | Accountingprose


2. Navigate to the Add New Authorized User page

Review the instructions on the page, then click the “Add New Authorized User” button located above the search bar.

Step 2 - Delaware Taxpayper Portal | Accountingprose

3. Enter User ID for new delegate

Enter the User ID and the Registration Confirmation Number of the individual you are giving Authorized User access to, then click “Next”.

User ID =

Step 3 - Delaware Taxpayper Portal | Accountingprose

4. Assign role(s) as required

First, confirm the correct User Information appears for the User you are giving access to.

Select the checkbox(es) on the left-hand side to select which Taxpayers you would like to give access to. Then, set a start date and end date (optional).


There is an option to manually give access, or to use a “template” for standard access levels. The Division of Revenue recommends authorizing access via a “template” as this is the simplest method


5. Select Authorized Access

Choose the following template:

Full Access – authorizes users to complete all business functions for the entity's tax accounts registered with the Division. Business functions include but are not limited to filing tax returns, making payments, updating tax locations, making account updates, and submitting all service requests.


6. Verify the Template 

Verify the functions to be assigned and click “OK”. 

If the wrong template was chosen, click “Cancel” to choose the correct one.

Step 6 - Delaware Taxpayper Portal | Accountingprose

7 Save and Confirm the Delegation

To proceed, select the “Save” button. Review the authorized user, tax accounts, and functions. Select “Confirm” to complete the delegation.


8. Delegation Successful

You will receive a success message and will return to the Manage Authorized Users page with the newly Delegated user appearing in the list.