How to provide access to Wells Fargo

Learn how to provide access to your Wells Fargo account, so we can set up and maintain your bank feed in Xero.


1. Click "Security & Support"

Wells Fargo Security & Support Menu | Accountingprose



2. Click "Use Account Access Manager"

Use Access Manager | Accountingprose



3. Click "Guest users"

Guest Users Wells Fargo | Accountingprose



4. Click "Add new user"

Add New Wells Fargo User | Accountingprose



5. Enter the First Name (Myteam), Last Name (Accountingprose), Email (companynameap), Username (companynameap)

Add Guest Wells Fargo User | Accountingprose


6. Choose the accounts you want us to access by selecting the Access Level dropbox and choosing "View Only"

View Only Wells Fargo | Accountingprose


7. Click "Submit"



8. Choose the phone number to send a one-time code to

Add Phone Number Wells Fargo | Accountingprose


9. Enter the code 

Add Code Wells Fargo | Accountingprose

10. Click "Continue"

Add Accountant Wells Fargo | Accountingprose


11. Click "Continue"

Add Accounting Firm Wells Fargo | Accountingprose



When you are done, please send the username and password to us via LastPass. 

Wells Fargo Confirmation Email  | Accountingprose