How to add an Accountingprose email as a backup in Capital One

If you cannot provide read-only access, please add myteam@ as a backup email address so we can send 2-FA codes to our email.

Accountingprose will need to access your Capital One account without bothering you for codes. Adding an Accountingprose email to your backup emails will allow us to receive codes and access your account. This article will walk you through the steps.
1. Log in to your Capital One online account.
2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and from the drop-down menu click Profile.
Capital One Profile Settings | Accountingprose
3. Scroll down to the email section and click + Add an Email.
4. Add as the new email and click Save. You DO NOT need to click Set as primary email.
5. That's it! Now we'll be able to send verification codes to to access your account. You can delete this email by clicking the pencil next to the email and then clicking delete.
Edit Capital One Email  | Accountingprose