How to cancel payroll service

Please follow these steps in order to cancel payroll service with Accountingprose, to ensure nothing is missed.

If you wish to cancel payroll service with us, please email to submit your request.
Before we process your request, we must confirm:
  • The final pay date that you would like us to process
  • How you will process payroll in the future:
    • Gusto  (we will transfer our subscription to you)
    • Other Provider
    • PEO Service
    • No Future Payrolls will be processed (Example: Business is closing) 
Based on these answers, we will (if applicable):·     
  • Transfer the payroll subscription to your business or cancel services if using another provider.
  • Refund any tax liabilities collected but not yet due/paid out to the tax agencies
  • Upload any final filings and reports to Box, where you may retrieve for your records    
  • Send any required reports to your new payroll provider to ensure a smooth transition


Please Note: Your final payroll bill will be on the 5th of the month following your cancellation.  Payroll is billed in arrears, so as to accurately bill based on the number of employees and contractors paid during the prior month.